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↱ 100% Cold Pressed Oils.

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Get Ready, Set ... Grow!

Finally, an exclusive luxe indie haircare brand developed to NOURISH, PROTECT & HELP GROW each and every one of your hair strands. It doesn't matter your hair texture or length, get ready for THICK, STRONG, SILKY, HEALTHY & LUXURIOUS hair! 

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The Nourishing Sealing Growth Oil ↴

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I finally found something that grows my hair and smells excellent. I love it! 

Diane F. - Brooklyn, NY

I've struggled growing my hair. I've tried everything and every product. The Nourshing Sealing Oil is everything! 

Imani B. - Baton Rouge, LA

Where has The Edaj Brand been all of my life? When I tell you, you will see a change...OMG! 

Renae W. - Dallas, TX