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Yes, Oil Can Grow Your Hair.

Sometimes the hair growth ideologies can become a heated debate, with both sides not backing down. But for this debate, I vote for the ‘yes’ side. Yes, oil can grow your hair and i’m going to break down how in this blog post. We each have thousands upon thousands of hair strands that grow out of our scalps. It’s very important that if you want to have healthy long hair that is free from dryness and breakage, that you keep your hair strands moisturized, hydrated and coated with oil. 


Once you have found the perfect moisturizer for your hair. Hair oil should then be applied to act as a protective barrier to lock that moisture inside. Also another quick fact is that as your hair is growing from your scalp (the anagen phase) it is being coated with your scalps natural sebum oil, but as it starts to grow up and out, that sebum begins to disappear and you have to maintain that protective barrier by keeping your hair moisturized and most importantly oiled. All in all, the moisture and the oil retains your length. Which is ultimately helping your hair grow and appear longer.

 Let’s say your completely against hair oil and you don’t use it at all, you only moisturize your hair. This would be the result: the moisture would stay on your hair for a certain period of time and then it would dry up, putting your hair at risk for dryness and breakage, which in the end keeps you from growing long healthy hair.

So keep those hair strands moisturized and oiled people, and don’t forget to check out our website and shop our hair growth oils!

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