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"It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or what you look like, haircare is universal. My goal is to help people feel good about themselves. I created this brand in the hopes of providing my customers with high quality, handmade products that actually work and give the best results." 

- Jade, CEO


How The Edaj Brand Came About? ↴ 

I created this luxe haircare brand from a vision in my mind (the power of manifestation is real). Growing up, my mother always stressed the importance of taking good care of your hair so it can grow healthy and her love and passion for hair growth, eventually rubbed off on me. 

As a young girl, we spent a lot of time in the haircare section at stores, reading through tons of ingredients, going through trial and error, spending lots of money of products and feeling like what exactly can I put on my hair to achieve healthiness and growth?

It wasn't until I spent countless hours researching the science of ingredients and experimenting that I found what actually works ... and why not share that gift with the world? 

Our Mission and Ethos. ↴ 

We take pride in being a small indie haircare brand because our customers can connect with us personally. We want them to know that their haircare needs and wants are of importance. Our brand brings uniqueness to the haircare industry. 

We have learned that hair is an expression, and to impress, you have to show your best. We want people to feel beautiful and to know that they can achieve the results they want, through patience and consistency.

People deserve high quality products THAT WORK and are made with organic and 100% pure effective ingredients. When our customers purchase from The Edaj Brand they are getting just that. 

How We Differ From Other Haircare Brands? ↴ 

Inclusive rather than exclusive: We strive to be an inclusive brand and we take great pride in hair diversity. It doesn't matter your length, texture, hair color, medical condition ect. We create our products based on science and research. We want everyone's hair to flourish and grow healthy. 

Authenticity over polish: Our ingredients are organic and naturally sourced. Each product is made and packaged to perfection by hand, giving each customer that customized luxurious feel.