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The Top 5 'REAL' Hair Growth Tips, You Need To Know!

There are so many hair growth tips out there. Some are great tips that you need to incorporate in your life and some are a little absurd and unnecessary. Hair growth is actually very simple and really doesn't take a lot of effort. Nevertheless, TheEdajBrand.com is here is save the day and give you 5 simple tips to make sure your hair growths thick and healthy. 


TIP #1 - Relax On The Hairstyles & Hair Manipulation. 

Hairstyles are always so tempting, switching up your look is so much fun, but if you want your hair to grow and to maintain that growth, it’s very important to keep the manipulation to a minimum. The pulling, tugging, slicking down & adding heat can cause avoidable damage and breakage (also the loss of those sweet edges). Try wearing your natural hair more often, a loose messy bun, a loose ponytail or wear your hair down. Now wigs are fine, it’s just the glue around the edges, and sewing down that you have to be weary of. 


TIP #2 - Clean Your Scalp Constantly.

Having a clean healthy scalp is very important, you want your hair to be able to grow in a clean environment. Remove all of the build up off of your scalp, from gel, hairspray, edge control etc. Imagine if you don’t clean your scalp then your just dealing with buildup blocking your hair from growing. Shampoo & conditioner are your friend! 


TIP #3 - The Right Hair Accessories (Silk, Scrunchies, Microfiber Towel, Widetooth Comb)

Invest, invest, invest ... in good quality hair accessories that is. Silk/Satin is amazing for your hair, keeping in nice and in tact, (not to mention it is also good for your skin) try a silk/satin pillowcase, scarf or bonnet. Next is microfiber and it is amazing. Use it as a drying towel for you hair. You can buy these from amazon for whenever you get out of the shower, instead of using a cotton towel, it won’t tug and pull on your hair. Scrunches are a fun and cute way to pull you hair back without it being super tight. Lastly, wide tooth combs are great for hair especially when washing it because it’s not ripping and tugging at your hair, it’s easier to detangle (no rat-tail combs, unless your hair is bone straight). 


TIP #4 - Eat Clean. 

Eating clean is good for your body, but also for your hair too, what you eat  plays apart of hair growth as well. A list of beneficial foods are avacado, eggs, fish, spinach, nuts, berries, yogurt and eggs and that's only to name a few. Also drinking a lot of water is important too! Those foods have a great source of vitamins, zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. 


TIP #5 - Oil Your Scalp! 

Last but not least on the list is using oil! It helps with hair growth, despite what others may say (everyone has an opinion). If you weren't aware there are 2 types of hair oil to use, moisturizing hair oil and sealing hair oil. Moisturizing hair oils, penetrate the inside of the hair shaft, providing it with moisture and sealing hair oils coat the outside of the hair shaft to protect it from any breakage. Check out the oils we sell here on TheEdajBrand.com


Now that you know the top 5 most important tips, which ones are you going to apply now, or will you try them all. Let us know! 

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